How to Connect Brother Printer to WiFi?


In the digital age, connectivity is prime, even for our printers. Gone are the times of tethering your printer to your laptop with a cable; now, wi-fi printing reigns best. If you personal a Brother printer and want to experience the gain of printing from everywhere in your house or workplace, connecting it to WiFi is vital.

Why Connect Brother Printer to WiFi?

Wireless printing offers remarkable comfort and flexibility. With your Brother printer associated with WiFi, you can print from any tool connected to the identical community, whether or not or no longer it’s miles a pc, smartphone, or pill. Say goodbye to the problem of moving files or moving within the direction of the printer with a USB cable. Plus, it enables a couple of customers to percent the identical printer seamlessly.


Before diving into the setup manner, it’s important to make sure you have got everything you need. Check that your Brother printer is compatible with wi-fi connectivity and that you have get admission to in your WiFi network credentials, along with the SSID (community name) and password.

Note: If you’d rather have a conversation over the phone (+1 848-305-4155), feel free to arrange a call with an brother Support representative at a time that suits you best. This way, you can address your concerns directly with a well-informed support agent.

Steps to Connect Brother Printer to WiFi-

Check Network Compatibility:

Ensure that your Brother printer supports wireless connectivity. Most cutting-edge Brother printers include built-in WiFi skills, however in case you’re unsure, speak over with the printer’s purchaser guide or specifications online.

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Place Printer Near Router:

For a clean setup gadget, location your Brother printer inside variety of your WiFi router. This guarantees a sturdy and stable connection throughout the setup way and regular use.

Access Printer Menu:

Using the printer’s control panel, navigate to the community settings menu. The precise steps might also variety relying in your printer model, so talk to the character manual for steerage.

Select Network Settings:

Within the network settings menu, locate the choice to set up a wi-fi connection. Select this option to begin the WiFi setup procedure.

Choose WiFi Network:

Your Brother printer will experiment for available WiFi networks. Select your network from the listing of available options.

Enter WiFi Password:

Once you have got selected your WiFi network, you’ll be introduced about to go into the network password. Use the printer’s keypad or on-display keyboard to go into the password appropriately.

Confirm Connection:

After getting into the password, your Brother printer will try to connect with the WiFi network. Once correctly associated, you will acquire a confirmation message on the printer’s display.


Even with careful setup, you could come across troubles even as connecting your Brother printer to WiFi. Here are a few common troubleshooting suggestions:

Weak WiFi Signal:

If your printer is having problem connecting to the WiFi community, try moving it in the direction of the router to improve signal strength.

Incorrect Password:

Double-test that you’ve entered an appropriate WiFi password. It’s smooth to make typos, in particular whilst coming into lengthy and complicated passwords.

Printer Firmware Update:

Ensure that your Brother printer’s firmware is updated. Manufacturers frequently launch firmware updates to improve device universal overall performance and compatibility with WiFi networks.

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Additional Tips

In addition to the primary setup steps, recall the subsequent hints for a easy wi-fi printing revel in:

Ensure Printer Software is Up to Date: Regularly test for software software updates in your Brother printer. These updates may additionally include computer virus fixes, safety patches, and enhancements to wireless connectivity.
Use WPS Method for Connection: Some Brother printers help the Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) approach for brief and clean connection to WiFi networks. Consult  brother Support Phone Number guide to appearance if this selection is available and a way to apply it.


Connecting your Brother printer to WiFi opens up a global of convenience and versatility, allowing you to print from any tool on the identical network effortlessly. By following the clean steps mentioned above and troubleshooting any capacity troubles, you’ll be enjoying wireless printing very quickly.

For assistance, reaching out to the appropriate individual through this contact method is the most effective way. Should further assistance be required, feel free to contact us at 848-305-4155.


1. Can I join my Brother printer to WiFi without a computer?
Yes, you could installation a WiFi connection straight away out of your Brother printer’s manipulate panel.

2. What must I do if my Brother printer could now not recognize my WiFi community?
Ensure that your printer is interior variety of your WiFi router and that the network name (SSID) and password are entered effectively.

3. Can I connect multiple devices to my Brother printer over WiFi?
Yes, as quickly as your Brother printer is hooked up to WiFi, any device at the equal network can deliver print jobs to it.

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4. Do I need to put in any greater software application to connect my Brother printer to WiFi?
In most cases, no additional software is needed. However, you can want to install printer drivers in your pc or device to allow printing capability.

5. Can I join my Brother printer to a cell hotspot?
Yes, as long as your cell hotspot offers internet get admission to and your Brother printer helps WiFi connectivity, you may join them.