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From threat protection to digital privacy to device optimization,
Kenoxis has the software you need to make your online life better.

Privacy Products

Kenoxis Total Security

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Get anonymity online by masking your IP address and encrypting your connection.

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Kenoxis Internet Security


Stop data harvesting by disguising your digital ID and deleting trackers.

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Kenoxis Mobile Security


Browse better with a safer, more private web browser.

Available only for PC, Mac, and Android

Performance products

Keep your devices running their best

With proper maintenance, devices can run better, last longer, and have
more memory for the stuff you care about most.

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Kenoxis Anti-virus Pro Security

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Remove junk, fix errors, and improve device performance.

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Ultimate Bundle

Ultimate protection, privacy, and performance

Keep your data and devices safe and optimized with Kenoxis Ultimate, a comprehensive suite
that ensures you can handle everything the digital world throws at you.

Kenoxis VPN

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Kenoxis best protection, privacy, and performance software in one package. Kenoxis Ultimate includes Internet Security, VPN and Total Security.

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