What is Co-branding?

your own brand & our advanced technology


White Label, Private Label

It’s a partnership model of cooperation, which correctly helps your employer to enlarge the range of the products and services and boom client database. It will assist you to enhance logo consciousness, increase the loyalty of partners, in addition to to start your own enterprise from the scratch.

Nowadays, White label carrier is the most famous in IT region, mainly in the discipline of software.

White label of Antivirus permits you to create anti-virus software program under your personal emblem, the use of superior era to guard the records. This application permits you to receive anti-virus solution under your emblem, prepared for sale and no want in having the body of workers of builders.

How does
it work?

co-branding partnership


Choose the product for rebranding. See more
how sdk partnership with zillya works


Agree all conditions with your personal manager and sign an Agreement. See more
become zillya partner

Get ready software

Get ready software under your brand name and START SELLING. See more
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Start selling

Immediately start selling once your product is ready

Who can be our partners?

for companies

Description of company characteristics

  • Enterprises offering remote users consulting services and PC maintenance (help desks, call centers).
  • Businesses in the software industry that currently operate without their own antivirus lab would like to grow the range of products they offer.
  • Telecom companies and internet service providers for homes and offices.
  • organizations that offer a wide range of PC parts and accessories under its own brand.
  • Distributors of PCs with preinstalled software.
partnership for entrepreneurs
Independent entrepreneurs

Everybody who wants own business

  • Entrepreneurs that are independent and want to launch their own company in the information security software industry.
  • Also, if you have good business contacts, you can become our representative (Learn more about affiliate program)
4 reasons
for getting started with
White Label

quick business

quick and easy

It’s a quick and easy way to get solution under own brand.

You can benefit from white label solutions if you're considering expanding your company's offerings. White label solutions are typically ready-made and fully integrated, making branding fairly simple. You won't have to worry about investing time and resources in research and development as a reseller. You can resume your business after adding your own identity and branding.


It's a respect in the eyes of partners and clients.

By developing a specialized antivirus solution under your own name, you can draw in new clients and partners and win over existing ones. This represents your company's fresh potential, your new contacts, and your new proposals to your partners.
time and money

time and money

Co-branding service allows you to get turnkey solution in shot time without risks.

Both time and money are saved. It takes a significant amount of financial and human resources to create a solution from scratch. Recall that it takes a lot of time to develop the architecture, design, build, and test the solution. Your solution will be built upon the antivirus, which is supported by thousands of customers and makes use of cutting-edge technologies.

business’s core competency

It allows you to focus on your business’s core competency.

White label solutions can enable you to accomplish your objectives more quickly. Just engage in marketing practice. To ensure that the software functions properly, we will address any technical issues. Additionally, you are free to set your own pricing and marketing strategies.

Still not sure?

Ask us about some more reasons

you will get

As our technology partner:

Personal manager

The manager will choose the most practical work schedule, respond to all of your inquiries, and oversee the progress of your project.

Daily updates
of virus databases

To safeguard them against the most recent viruses, your users will receive daily updates of malware databases.

program modules

Regular updates of program modules (few times a year).

User's guides

You'll get all the product and user manual information you need.

technical support

Consultations of highly qualified experts of technical support
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