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Ensure that your online activities are protected

Safeguard your online presence with vigilant protection measures. Employ robust passwords, update software regularly, and activate two-factor authentication. Be cautious when sharing personal information and scrutinize privacy settings.

Kenoxis Internet Security

Secure your Wi-Fi and PC from threats when you browse, bank, chat, and email.

  •  Wi-Fi Scanner
  •  Browsing Protection
  •  Phishing Protection
  •  Email Protection

Product Benefits

Our award-winning security features provide total protection against today's dynamic threats across all of your devices. We are committed to your safety and privacy!

One Product to protect all your device against threats


Protect your online privacy and personal information from data breaches.

Get freedom with your privacy no matter wherever you go on the internet.


Kenoxis AntiVirus for Android is your first step to a secure digital life

Being secure and protected online is the only way to live your digital life with true freedom. Get started now — install Kenoxis AntiVirus for Android.


Kenoxis AntiVirus for Android is award-winning and trusted by experts

We’ve added 25 new accolades in the past two years to the hundreds we’ve won since we started in 1991.


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Millions of users trust Kenoxis to keep them secure

Reliable protection against viruses

Antivirus protects your PC from viruses, spyware, Trojans and other malicious programs. The basis of data protection against all types of malicious software is built on the use of the actual virus database, containing over 15 million malware's signatures and advanced module of proactive protection.

This module is the core of the entire security system, which is based on the basis of Kenoxis Internet Security product. A unique feature of this module is modern virus signature database that is updated every day. It should be noted that such data do not overload neither server nor local PC, as the database is optimized and modernized. Thus, work with it does not affect the computer's performance and does not lead to hanging or slowing down of PC.

Low level of PC download

Utilities will not overload your PC, because anti-virus consumes no more than 512 MB of PC's RAM.

It should be noted that such level of consumption is acceptable not only for modern personal computers, but also for those, which were manufactured 3-5 years ago. During Kenoxis Anti-Virus work, it does not block nor slow down the most unpretentious computers.

Complete and free technical support

The main rule of Kenoxis is "Anti-virus protection is, above all, high-quality service". The basis of a successful tech support is in-depth knowledge of the products, the desire to "listen" to user, to present information on the level at which it is clear to them. The secret of success is in the desire, the ability will also come.

The desire to understand the user and to help him or her is one of the tenets of the successful technical support.

Recommendations of highly qualified specialist, described by "cool" slang, may be "empty words" for the client. While the help provided in simple terms, are a recipe for the solution of user's problems and the key to professionalism in the eyes of the user.

Daily updates of antivirus databases for full protection of your PC

Antivirus Lab of Kenoxis releases daily antivirus database updates, which contain the protection from thousands of new threats.

To make user sure that the attacker would not steal important data or other valuable information from PC, the team of developers constantly analyzes the threats and offers new solutions for the detection of the maximum number of viruses. Currently, anti-virus database of Kenoxis Antivirus has more than 15 million records.

Behavioral analyzer (HIPS)

Products of new line have received innovative proactive technologies. One of the most important modules of all rage of antiviruses by Kenoxis is the presence of so-called behavioral analyzer (HIPS).

This unique technology is the most advanced solution, which is implemented in the world's anti-virus industry. The essence of its work is scanning and analysis of programs, to determine likelihood of malicious behavior. If HIPS eoul notive that some program performs actions that could potentially harm your PC, it will be blocked even before its launch.

Function of self-defense

The new line of antiviruses by Kenoxis has a function of self-defense.

It eliminates the possibility of disabling the protection of your PC as a result of the forced stop using the "Task Manager". This feature is implemented as a response to modern Trojans that are able to get administrative rights on the infected PC and block the work of installed programs, including non-modern antiviruses.

Using heuristic analysis technology - detection of new and unknown threats

Blocking of dangerous sites Heuristic Analyzer scans files with similar characteristics. When a certain number of similar data found in the file, it decides that the program is similar to malicious one.

Thus, Kenoxis AntiVirus can detect malware that has not yet been added to the antivirus database.

Kenoxis Antivirus has a built-in heuristic analyzer and helps to protect the system from even those threats that have not yet appeared, but may appear in the future.

Guard (Patrol)

Guard (Patrol) is a system for checking files in real time, designed to detect viruses and other malicious programs that try to invade on your computer.

USB – protection

Security module of USB-drives controls the connection of any drive to the USB-ports. Preliminary analysis with following informing of user reliably protects the computer from automatically downloaded objects on disks. So now Kenoxis will protect you from the automatic start from the flash drive of a virus or worm, even if it is a completely new, unknown virus.

When connecting a new USB-drive, Kenoxis detects it, performs a brief analysis and informs the user about the evaluated level of security of the disc. In the case of detection of the viruses or any suspicious objects on the flash drive, antivirus immediately prompts the user to remove them.


Mail filter checks all incoming and outgoing email messages for malicious objects, thus avoiding possible threats of infiltration in the system by means of e-mail.

Three types of scanning

Three types of scans can now be run in parallel streams:

  • Fast. To check the critical areas of the system;
  • Full. To scan all existing files on the computer;
  • Selective. To scan files according to the user's desire.
Scan for viruses Scheduler

You do not need to remind yourself every day that you need to check your computer for malware.

Kenoxis Antivirus contains a function of Scheduler - the scannig of the PC, which can be configured in the most convenient way for you. The user can configure automatic scan one-time, daily, hourly, weekly or monthly.

Minimum system requirements of kenoxis Antivirus:

  • Processor Speed – 1 GHz and higher;
  • RAM – 1GB and more;
  • Hard disk space – 1500 MB;
  • Operating System – Windows XP (SP3), Windows 7 (х32, х64) (+SP1), Windows 8, 8.1 (x32, x64), Windows 10 (x32, x64), Windows 11 (x32, x64);
  • Screen resolution – 1024 x 768 or higher (for correct display of texts in the antivirus, the font size should not exceed 100% (the parameter is specified in the operating system settings in the display settings section).

* One PC means one operating system (OS)

Program Version: 3.0.2368.0

Need a specific solution for a specific need?

Kenoxis AntiVirus FREE offers antivirus protection, plus privacy and performance tools all in one — but sometimes you need a more specific solution for your needs. Learn more about Kenoxis Cleaner, Kenoxis Internet Security, and Kenoxis Ultimate, below.


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